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• Summer Special - Now only €99 for the HD IPTV Set Top Box

• From only £15 per month. No contract, you can unsubscribe anytime

• Easy to use interface & menus

• Hundreds of the best dedicated Live UK TV Channels

• 14 Days of Catchup TV and that you can Play, Pause, fast forward and rewind

• You can even rewind live TV, permanently record to USB and use as a media center

• UK Radio stations, TV series and Movies on Demand

• Watch all your favourites  BBC, ITV, Five, Channel 4.....

• Watch UK TV Channels on your TV without any buffering

**We only offer legal Free to Air channels from the UK , Freeview and Freesat channels**

Say goodbye to dishes, VPNs and computers

All you need is...

Internet , our IPTV set top box, and a TV

"Using our set top box and TV service you will be able to experience the
future of TV Today. No computers, VPNs or dishes are required, All you need
is the Internet and a TV - we will provide the rest."

We are proud to offer the most complete Internet British TV package’s worldwide.

Using our IPTV set top box and service to deliver you the best UK TV experience you will find!

This set top box is a high quality product, With 240/110v switching power supply it can be used in any country.

We employ the latest in dedicated Internet streaming technology - both hardware and software.
We also manage the running of the systems and content to ensure you get the best service possible.

We have installed and shipped our IPTV boxes to Countries all around the world, from America, Spain, Germany, Thailand to Greece, Ibiza to Dubia.....

So wherever you are, you can watch UK TV just so long as you've got a broadband connection.

Our UK TV IPTV Service has been tested in the following countries:

Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Saudi, UAE, India, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand…..etc…

You can trust we have been an IPTV provider for the last 3 years, with many happy customers
Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction

Contact us to arrange a demo or fitting
or order online on the website

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