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You can now click Here to order a UKTV CYPRUS Package online through our secure site. There is no contract, you can cancel at anytime.

If you are located outside of Cyprus and you are interested in onsite home fitting, please email us as we have agents in many countries.
I will either find you an agent in your country or we can post you a pre configured IPTV Set Top Box, with remote control, Plug and HDMI cable , RCA / Composite , Wifi adapter.


Our hardware (IPTV Set top Box) & content suppliers have successfully been providing their services for the last 8 years.

They have permission and licence’s from Ofcom, to re -stream UK Freeview throughout Europe, They have also 25 years of experience in TV Broadcasting.

We do not transmit ANY un-encrypted content that has been delivered encrypted (for example, no SKY content will be available)

EU Television without Frontiers Directive (TVFD) and  AVMS  fully supports our services and IPTV.


We are proud to offer the most complete Internet British TV package worldwide.

Using our IPTV set top box to deliver you the best UK TV experience you will find!

This set top box is a high quality product, With 240/110v switching power supply it can be used in any country.

The New UK TV Cyprus

IPTV Set top Box has arrived!
high quality LIVE UK Channels
No Dish Required from only £21.50 a month
All you need is a 2MB Internet Connection or higher

This is our ultimate package, this IPTV set top box  is the end result of many years of IP research technology. Boasting a full featured interface and 14 days of Catchup TV, this set top box is a joy to use. You can also rewind LIVE TV, and record and playback from USB.
The menus and channel guides are far easier to use navigate over a SKY box, the You can even record one channel while watching another.
The New IPTV box lists over 63 UK TV channels, and movie channels. You can take it with you anywhere in the world! and it will work, with any TV.
If you only need the monthly service while on holiday you can suspend your subscription at any time then subscribe again when it is needed.

€150 for UKTV IPTV set top Box with remote  control, HDMI , RCA, and WiFi adapter

•Choose either worldwide delivery or on site set up, tutorial & installation in Cyprus

• Then only £21.50 / €25 per month. No contract, you can unsubscribe anytime

Easy to use interface & menus

69 Live UK TV Channels, Which includes Movie & Sport Channels

14 Days of Catchup TV and that you can Play, Pause, fast forward and rewind

• You can even rewind live TV, permanently record to USB and use as a media center

• We almost forgot to mention....90 UK Radio stations! yes its unbelievable

• Watch all your favorites  BBC, ITV, Five, Channel 4.....

• Watch UK TV Channels on your TV not your computer


uktveverywhere british tv box

Say goodbye to dishes, VPNs and computers
All you need is...
Internet , our set top box, and a TV
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